Supreme Innovations in Space Systems
Matunaga and Chujo Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology
Since Professor Matunaga passed away in March 2023, we have been working as Nakanishi and Chujo Laboratory. We will post details as soon as they are decided.
The following is the website of the Matunaga and Chujo Laboratory.
Playing in Space, Fascinating System Development
In this laboratory, we conduct practical research to create, develop, and demonstrate our ideas in space, based on the principle of contributing to society by realizing new ideas using space as a place of activity. In order to achieve this goal successfully, we need to have a strong foundation in our field, flexible and calm judgment, and a passionate heart that will not give up.

The current main target is nano-satellite systems. In particular, we are focusing on system reconfiguration and variable shape functions, and our main research target is evolved, deformable, and reconfigurable space systems. In the future, not only single spacecrafts but also formation flight missions with many spacecrafts and large scale space platforms for assembly and reconfiguration will be required in Earth orbit, Moon, Lagrange point, planetary orbit, etc. I imagine that systems of dozens, hundreds, and thousands of spacecraft will be required to be combined, reconfigured according to the situation, and operated specifically for the purpose.
From the World's First CubeSat to the Realization of the World's Highest Performance Nano-Satellites and Spacecraft
Research on the Practical Application of Variable Shape Space Systems and Smart Space Equipment Systems in Earth Orbit

Realization of rapid and large-angle attitude control using internal and external force torque generated by shape change.


Study of smart space systems for high-speed attitude control, orbit control by atmospheric drag and solar radiation pressure, and formation flight.


Application development of smart variable space systems, such as multifunctional, high-performance, complex, tailor-made, and general-purpose systems.


Implementation and evaluation of absolute posture determination by three-axis posture detection using image identification in machine learning AI, and relative posture determination by posture change detection using temporal variation of image feature points and translational movement information.

Exploration Missions and Astrodynamics in Deep Space

Deep space missions using lagrangian points with a micro solar sail.


Propellant-free simultaneous trajectory and attitude control of a variable shape solar sail.


Orbit analysis of solar sail in the vicinity of the moon.


Trajectory and attitude control of transformers.

Other Past Studies
List of Doctoral Theses

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Welcome to Space !
We want new members who participate in our satellite projects. Applicants for the projects satisfy the following conditions;
・Possible to communicate to the project members in JAPANESE
・Possible to commute to our school by yourself (travelling/school expences and so on...)
Please contact the following address, if you are interested in.
info [at]
Matunaga Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
# 554, Ishikawadai 1st Bldg., 2-12-1, Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo, 152-8552, Japan